Every child has a right to experience a pain-free life. Dr. Jim Adams’s group has found through years of research that a vast majority of autistic children (by some estimates, over 80%) have Gastro Intestinal (GI) symptoms.

This pain can manifest as behaviors and can unfortunately be treated as behaviors.

In this podcast, Dr. Adams talks about his path-breaking research on MTT.

Amazingly, in this trial, he worked with a group of children 80% of whom had a diagnosis of “severe autism”. By the end of the trial, less than 20% were still diagnosed with “severe autism”.

To me this indicates the enormity of GI issues that are misdiagnosed as, and underdiagnosed in Autism.

Take this podcast, print out Dr. Adams’s work, and take it to your PCP. Ask to see a GI doctor if your child is Autistic.