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a podcast for Education and Nutritional Support for kids with Disabilities.

Latest Podcast Episodes

46 Microbial Transfer Therapy success in children with Autism with Dr. Jim Adams

Every child has a right to experience a pain-free life. Dr. Jim Adams’s group has found through years of research that a vast majority of autistic children (by some estimates, over 80%) have Gastro Intestinal (GI) symptoms.

This pain can manifest as behaviors and can unfortunately be treated as behaviors.

In this podcast, Dr. Adams talks about his path-breaking research on MTT.

Amazingly, in this trial, he worked with a group of children 80% of whom had a diagnosis of “severe autism”. By the end of the trial, less than 20% were still diagnosed with “severe autism”.

To me this indicates the enormity of GI issues that are misdiagnosed as, and underdiagnosed in Autism.

Take this podcast, print out Dr. Adams’s work, and take it to your PCP. Ask to see a GI doctor if your child is Autistic.




45. 10 ways to help your child Fall and Stay ASLEEP with Deepa Kannan

Have you given thought to

  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Pain, or
  • Expressive Ability

as conditions that could disturb sleep?

What about:

  • Omega 3 Status,
  • Blood Sugar Balance
  • and Core body temperature as variables in allowing your child to stay asleep.

Sleep Whisperer Deepa Kannan talks to us about 15 factors that can affect a child’s sleep. Bring a notebook and take notes.



44 Integrative Manual Therapy for Chronic Health Conditions in Children

Movement Therapy can be often mistaken for OT , but it is so much more. If your child has Autism or Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy, have you considered movement within the body?

When I think of movement therapies, I think of

  • Reflex Integration, which allows for unhindered movement
  • Rhythmic Movement, which uses movement to calm and train the brain
  • Cranial Osteopathy, which works with movement of CSF inside the body
  • Chiropractic, which removes skeletal hinderance to movement
  • Myofascial Release, which removes stress in our connective tissue throughout the body
  • Manual Therapy, which helps with Lymph Drainage.
  • Anat Baniel Method, which uses movement to create neural networks.

Movement is beyond OT, in fact, OT can even be the least consequential to functional movement for some children.

Today, I want to introduce you to my friend Becky Dawson, an Integrative Manual Therapist. In her podcast she talks about lymph, movement, and the ability of IMT to enhance function in a situation of chronic neuro-inflammation and seizures, with her son.



43 Melatonin and Immunity with Dr. Valerie LaRosa

Did you know that Melatonin doesn’t just affect sleep?

In this mind-blowing episode, Dr. LaRosa calls Melatonin the Great Modulator, which is a great name for a great molecule.

We discuss how melatonin can modulate neuroinflammation, GI inflammation, and even affect immunity in the context of COVID.



39 What is the best diet for a child/adult with Down Syndrome

Is there such a thing? What an oversimplification right? How could there be one best diet for Down Syndrome?

Don’t worry, I don’t end with saying there is no such thing.

Join me to explore the list of questions you need to answer to find what diet might be best for your child with Down Syndrome, and if you even need to consider changing your family’s diet.


Best diet

38 Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) for Trauma Release (Autism) – with Amy Stark

Amy Stark is an EFT practitioner on a mission.

Some of the things we discuss here are:

-Tapping makes kids feel safe in their bodies.
-EFT uses multiple modalities like energy medicine, talk therapy, neuro-linguistic programming to help release trauma.
-When we calm our fight-or-flight response, our body can really heal.

To me, EFT is a great bridge between the body and the mind, and that is what makes it an exciting tool for autistic kids and kids with low motor control.

Amy’s quick guide: https://www.starktransformation.com/eft

Other links that Amy mentions in this podcast:


37 The Cycle of Nutrition and Oral Motor in “Picky Eating” with Shandy Laskey

Shandy Laskey who wears the unique badge of being a Speech Language Pathologist and a Nutrition Practitioner explains the matrix of nutritional factors that can affect a child’s restricted eating.

If you are wondering which therapy to try for immediate help with so-called picky eating in the context of Autism, this podcast should help,




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