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a podcast for Education and Nutritional Support for kids with Disabilities.

Latest Podcast Episodes

24 Why is Eye Contact so hard? Ocular Motor and Autism with Dana Johnson

Did you know many visual disturbances in autistic children (or perhaps even with other disabilities) cannot be described just by visual acuity?

Or even by visual processing?

Dana Johnson talks about Ocular Motor difficulties in many autistic children (and adults).

It was eye-opening (yes, pun intended) to learn about the effect of ocular motor on peripheral vision, eye contact and more.


23 Autoimmunity in children with Autism or Down Syndrome (w/ Dr. Angela Knapp)

Dr. Angela Knapp is a naturopathic physician who works extensively with children.

She talks about increasing rates of autoimmunity in children, and causative factors – factors we can and cannot control.

Listen for ideas on:

-infections and autoimmunity

-molecular mimicry

-increasing rates of autoimmunity

-risk for children with Autism / Down Syndrome

-how do gluten and dairy impact autoimmunity


20 Learning Strengths and Labels with Dr. Joqueta Handy

What would the world be like if we knew exactly how every child learns? If we didn’t feel compelled to put children in well-defined boxes that were easy for US to understand. If we instead centered their education around them. Dr. Joqueta Handy tells us why a child’s learning strength is everything that we need to know.


19 Eating Disorders with Mindy Gorman Plutzer

Mindy is an expert in eating disorders and a Functional Nutrition practitioner. She has herself suffered from eating disorders and navigated the difficult terrain of recovery.

“I was being told what to weigh, think and eat. Nobody was addressing what I was hungry for”

In this episode, Mindy talks about the intersection between eating disorders, behavior, physiology, respect and nutrition.

How can we connect dots with picky eating?

16 Motor Issues, Cognition and Myelination with Elizabeth Vosseller

Elizabeth Vosseller is a speech therapist and founder of S2C (Spelling to Communicate). She talks to me this week about how motor issues can seem like cognitive disorders.

“What we observe often is the body. We can’t really observe intelligence directly.” Tune in to listen to how powerful using motor appropriately can be.




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