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Latest Podcast Episodes

7. Genes or Diet or Environment? What Matters?

What does genetic susceptibility mean? And what can you do about it? Have you heard the saying: Genes load the gun but the environment pulls the trigger?

Learn about some amazing epigenetic foods that can modulate genetic expression, and listen to the second part of Dr. Erica Peirson’s interview where she discusses her two non-negotiables.


5 Is it Boredom or Lack of Focus?

If you have listened to all the possible ways you can help focus, how many times has someone told you that your child might be plain old bored? Even if you think your child has a low IQ? Even if you think your child doesn’t quite get what he/she is taught?

Listen in to learn Vaish’s 4 magic ways of finding if fixing boredom can reinstate your child’s focus!


Food as Medicine

Food is not the sum total of its macronutrients. In fact, some biologists think it is appropriate to think of food as behaving as a hormone in our body.

We look at 5 examples to peek at dramatic changes in health and behavior from simply changing food habits.

This is the introductory podcast to this series on using food and nutrition to impact behavior, physiology and biochemistry, especially in children.



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