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a podcast for Education and Nutritional Support for kids with Disabilities.

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39 What is the best diet for a child/adult with Down Syndrome

Is there such a thing? What an oversimplification right? How could there be one best diet for Down Syndrome?

Don’t worry, I don’t end with saying there is no such thing.

Join me to explore the list of questions you need to answer to find what diet might be best for your child with Down Syndrome, and if you even need to consider changing your family’s diet.


Best diet

38 Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) for Trauma Release (Autism) – with Amy Stark

Amy Stark is an EFT practitioner on a mission.

Some of the things we discuss here are:

-Tapping makes kids feel safe in their bodies.
-EFT uses multiple modalities like energy medicine, talk therapy, neuro-linguistic programming to help release trauma.
-When we calm our fight-or-flight response, our body can really heal.

To me, EFT is a great bridge between the body and the mind, and that is what makes it an exciting tool for autistic kids and kids with low motor control.

Amy’s quick guide: https://www.starktransformation.com/eft

Other links that Amy mentions in this podcast:


37 The Cycle of Nutrition and Oral Motor in “Picky Eating” with Shandy Laskey

Shandy Laskey who wears the unique badge of being a Speech Language Pathologist and a Nutrition Practitioner explains the matrix of nutritional factors that can affect a child’s restricted eating.

If you are wondering which therapy to try for immediate help with so-called picky eating in the context of Autism, this podcast should help,


36 Why you need to drop everything and meditate right now! -with Dr. Poornima Sharma

Dr. Poornima Sharma has been a meditator for decades and is an advanced meditation and yoga teacher.

She leads us through the 3 categories of meditation and why it is critical that as parents or caregivers of a child with a disability, be that Autism, Down Syndrome or Cerebral Palsy, we learn to meditate right NOW.

“A strong mind can carry a weak body, but a weak mind cannot even carry a strong body.”

You can register NOW to learn the Sudarshan Kriya, the best gateway to meditation and calm, I have ever experienced:





34 Homeopathy for Disease Prevention with Dr. Cilla Whatcott

Dr. Cilla Whatcott, a Homeopathic Practitioner, leads us through the principles behind homeopathy, and explains the concept of Homeoprophylaxis.

She describes the use of Homeopathy in preventing both infectious disease and in quelling chronic inflammatory conditions.

She also shares her favorite simple Homeopathic Remedies to always keep on hand.

You can find Dr. Whatcott at https://cillawhatcott.com/
Also more detail about the information she refers to can be found here: https://realimmunity.org/
To find a homeopathic practitioner visit www.homeopathicdirectory.com


Functional Nutrition and Learning for Kids

33. Assuming Competence with Intellectual Disability or Down Syndrome?

A diagnosis of Down Syndrome or Trisomy 21 carries with itself the very unfair assumption of Intellectual Delay, a default assumption, often made without basis.

Join me on this podcast to see how inaccurate this assumption is for almost anyone with Down Syndrome, and what it means to give our kids a fair chance at education.

Assuming Competence in Down Syndrome


32 How can Functional Neurology Support Autism? with Dr. Jared Seigler

Dr Jared Seigler compares Functional Neurology to exploring different highways in the brain. If one road is closed, how do we open another road? How does this impact or support the Autistic Brain?

In a fascinating example of a child doing 3 seemingly unconnected processes at the same time, such as wearing blue glasses, walking backwards and clapping their hands to a metronome, Dr. Seigler demonstrates the effect of the Hebbian process in rewiring the brain!

Functional Neurology Autism