50 Rapid Prompting Method with Soma Mukhopadhyay

In the 50th episode of Functional Nutrition and Learning for Kids, one of my favorite thought leaders, Soma Mukhopadhyay, talks to us about:

-how learning channels determine teaching

-the 4 goals of RPM – not just information download – but cognition, sensory, tolerance and communication goals.

-the importance of a sensory map when working with a child (as opposed to a label)

If you are interested in helping your child jump start their learning and sensory goals, I highly recommend checking out RPM.




48. Introduction to Mental Health Issues and Neuroinflammation with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge

“There is a direct causal link between mental health issues and neuroinflammation.”

With this powerful statement, Dr. Rosann Capanna-Hodge leads us into the steadily increasing world of brain -inflammatory conditions in children: PANS, PANDAS and Autoimmune Encephalitis.

Listen to understand key identifying features of each of these labels, and how to navigate your way through this condition as a parent.




47 Epigenetics, Trauma and Neurofeedback with Lee Ann Foster

Did you know that ancestral trauma has been found to have epigenetic implications that can impact physiology all the way down to digestion and metabolism?

Lee Ann Foster guides us through the concept of epigenetics, of the various tools she uses including neurofeedback, and how healing is always multimodal.




46 Microbial Transfer Therapy success in children with Autism with Dr. Jim Adams

Every child has a right to experience a pain-free life. Dr. Jim Adams’s group has found through years of research that a vast majority of autistic children (by some estimates, over 80%) have Gastro Intestinal (GI) symptoms.

This pain can manifest as behaviors and can unfortunately be treated as behaviors.

In this podcast, Dr. Adams talks about his path-breaking research on MTT.

Amazingly, in this trial, he worked with a group of children 80% of whom had a diagnosis of “severe autism”. By the end of the trial, less than 20% were still diagnosed with “severe autism”.

To me this indicates the enormity of GI issues that are misdiagnosed as, and underdiagnosed in Autism.

Take this podcast, print out Dr. Adams’s work, and take it to your PCP. Ask to see a GI doctor if your child is Autistic.