32 How can Functional Neurology Support Autism? with Dr. Jared Seigler

Dr Jared Seigler compares Functional Neurology to exploring different highways in the brain. If one road is closed, how do we open another road? How does this impact or support the Autistic Brain?

In a fascinating example of a child doing 3 seemingly unconnected processes at the same time, such as wearing blue glasses, walking backwards and clapping their hands to a metronome, Dr. Seigler demonstrates the effect of the Hebbian process in rewiring the brain!

Functional Neurology Autism


31 The 5 Diet Non-Negotiatiables for your Kid with Gut Issues

It’s not what you think, yet you will find it hard to see changes without implementing these changes first.
Everyone is fascinated with going gluten free and dairy free, and these things can be very important for any gut dysfunction (whether occuring with autism or otherwise).
However, what comes before?This podcast gives you 5 non-negotiables, the changes that we must make first.

The 5 Diet non-negotiables

30. Alarm Signaling (Cell Danger Response) in Autism with Dr. John Green

Have you heard of the Cell Danger Response as a theory to explain all comorbid symptoms associated with Autism?

There are a number of triggering factors associated with a higher incidence of Autism and comorbid conditions. These include genetics, mitochondrial disorders, alterations to the microbiome etc.

But in what is like the String Theory of Disease, Dr. Bob Naviaux proposed the Cell Danger Response (made famous by the excellent Suramin study) as a thread tying the different triggers into one integrating factor.

Dr. John Green makes the Cell Danger Response easy to understand and helps us look at practical methods to work with our children with Autism to reduce this alarm signaling in their bodies.

29 PANDAS diagnosis and Autism: A Parent – Practitioner’s journey

Brain Inflammation (sometimes called Autoimmune Encephalitis) can sometimes triggered by your own body in a misguided response to an infection.

Molly Brennand is both a parent and a Functional Nutrition practitioner. She has used an arsenal of Functional Medicine techniques to help her son who has dual diagnoses of Autism and PANS and PANDAS.

In this podcast, She talks about natural treatments for PANDAS using pillars of Functional Medicine that yielded the most return for her efforts.

What does a parent see? And What is the role of Functional Nutrition in addressing these symptoms of PANS or PANDAS diagnosis?




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