12. Gut Microbiome and Brain Function

Dr. LaRosa explains the detailed connection between the microbiome, disruptions (dysbiosis), and immune and brain function. It is quite impossible to optimize brain activity, whether focus or regulation, in the absence of a diverse and healthy gut microbiome. She talks of simple strategies that can help most people get on the path to a healthy gut, and how powerful these tiny changes can be.


9. Strategies for Picky Eaters with Katharine Jeffcoat, (RDN LD)

Listen to Portland based nutritionist Katharine Jeffcoat as she discusses the intricacies of dealing with picky eaters and talks about how she helps parents raise mindful and competent eaters.

How do taste and smell play into picky eating?

I am also so happy to hear Katharine talk about how letting a child skip a few meals till they are hungry just doesn’t work for all kids.


7. Genes or Diet or Environment? What Matters?

What does genetic susceptibility mean? And what can you do about it? Have you heard the saying: Genes load the gun but the environment pulls the trigger?

Learn about some amazing epigenetic foods that can modulate genetic expression, and listen to the second part of Dr. Erica Peirson’s interview where she discusses her two non-negotiables.



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